Grethe Meyer

Architect and designer Grethe Henriette Kjældgaard Meyer (1918-2008) graduated from the Arts Academy’s School of Architects in 1947. During her studies, she worked at drawing schools and participated in the student’s organization as well as wrote articles for a paper for young architects. Grethe Henriette, who had excellent research skills, loved the work “Byggebogen”, 1948-1970, which was a piece trying to collect the existing knowledge about the building technique and home decoration of the time. Afterwards, she was employed at the State’s Building Research Institute, and in 1960 she opened her own studio.

Her designs combine functionality and the ease of production, where her experience from the art and mass production came together. The series “Ildpot” is an example of the adaption of a new lifestyle: the busy working men and woman can take a bowl directly from the freezer and put it in the oven, and let the meal cook itself while doing other things. Plates and trays complement the series of bowls. Other of Meyer’s designs are the series of glass “Stub” made for Kastrup Glasværk from 1958-1960, “Blåkant” for Royal Copenhagen in 1965, and the flatware series “Copenhagen” for Georg Jensen in 1991. All of her pieces are simple and has very tight shapes, which make the expression timeless. She has created high standards, which will inspire the upcoming generations.

Grethe Meyer has been a member of the board of directors for the Academic Architect Organization (1964-1965), and from 1977 she was a member of the board of directors at the Danish Design Organization.  She has received several awards; for example, The Nordic Art and Design Award in 1973 and the Bindesbøll Medal in 1983. She had talent and a great understanding of the contemporary living conditions, which will inspire the upcoming generations of Danish architects and designers. Several times, she has been exhibiting her pieces at galleries all over the world.

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